Monday, January 14, 2013

Go Max Go Foods Review

Go Max Go Candy Bars are amazing I don't know how else to describe them. They are made with quality ingredients, they are non gm and 4 of the 7 flavors are gluten free (Mahalo, Cleo's Cups, Snap! & Thumbs Up). Go Max Go Candy bars are also vegan, making them a perfect treat for almost anyone with a sweet tooth.

I had an eager helper for this review, my husband we sampled 7 flavors. Jokerz, Bucaneer, Mahalo, Cleo's Cups, Twilight, Snap! and the Thumbs Up.

I prefer non gm foods whenever possible. I am not vegan, but I am selective. I like to consume food that is good for me, that is not created in a lab, that has flavor.
Go Max Go candy meets my selective requirements and then some.

I liked the Snap bar, it was good, sweet and a nice blend crispy and smooth chocolate flavor. My husband loved it. He really likes the other bar (Nestle Crunch) and this one didn't disappoint him either. We indulged our 2 year son with a small square of this one, he has a very limited exposure to candy, and he appreciated this for the total treat that it was.

We also liked the Jokerz bar. My husband said it could have had more peanuts, but I thought it was a great mix of peanuts to caramel. We both agreed the Jokerz bar is much more substantial than the other bar (snickers). It was satisfying and filling and very yummy.

You will want to check out the impressive line of Go Max Go candy bars. This treat might still have calories, but it is of an exceptional quality and will make your sweet tooth happy, and is great for people with special dietary needs.

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